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    veryone wants to look good
    naturally” says Elisabeth Schuhmachers.
    You see it immediately that this phrase

has a double meaning for her, as is the fact that her profession is her true calling. Her wish to become a dermatologist was already clear to her at the age of nine, although it was not taken very seriously by her parents. Nevertheless, she pursued her goal with great enthusiasm. At that time when there was no aesthetic dermatology at all, only in 1996 that it was discovered that frown lines could be treated with botulinum. 

This was an impulse for Elisabeth Schuhmachers, because she herself had a wrinkle that she did not like. At that time, aesthetic dermatology was still in its infancy. At most, a few actors or TV presenters were the first clientele. The topic was still far from reaching the general public, and if it did, it was frowned upon as poison from the USA. But times have changed, today minimally invasive aesthetic treatments such as botulinum and filler treatments are a real mass hype. Elisabeth Schuhmachers takes a sceptical view of this development, because for her, quality is important, not mass production. The result should look as normal as possible. Anything that looks “done” is unnatural. A good aesthetic treatment must not only consist of botulinum and fillers, but must also improve the quality of the skin. Only healthy skin looks good. This is almost more important than being absolutely wrinkle-free.  

Elisabeth Schuhmachers always pays attention to the overall picture, not just one aspect of the face. Symmetry and skin quality are just as important as filling volume defects. For her, it is not just about having no more wrinkles, but the skin must be even and have fine pores. After all, skin is the largest organ in the human body! 

Today, the dermatologist works together with her team in her practice near Marienplatz in Munich. Even though the target group is predominantly women, in the last ten years there have been more and more satisfied men in her clientele. Not only actors but often successful businessmen can be found there. “It’s a fairy tale anyway that men aren’t vain or don’t want to look good,” says Elisabeth Schuhmachers “because every man wants to look as attractive as possible and to please himself when he looks in the mirror.” Everyone wants to live in a body they feel good in. The face plays an essential role in this, because it is always on display.

Patients often come back, some have been with Elisabeth Schuhmachers for 10 – 12 years. Sometimes quite personal relationships develop, sometimes it even feels a bit like family, with a great sense of trust. The nicest thing for Elisabeth Schuhmachers anyway is the all-round positive feedback from her patients. Sometimes people change through the treatment, many are more open, more self-confident and often more successful in their jobs and find more access to other people. 

In general, however, Elisabeth Schuhmachers is rather reserved when it comes to treatments. She is the one who sometimes has to put the brakes on patients. And what does she say to sceptics? Every person is free to decide whether they want to undergo an aesthetic procedure – far be it from her to try to persuade anyone to do so.

Elisabeth Schuhmachers is not only a dermatologist, but like every practising doctor also an entrepreneur. She admits that she was not aware of this when she started her practice. In her practice, she is particularly concerned about interpersonal relations and cordiality between all staff and with the patients. The working atmosphere is characterised by mutual trust, support and appreciation – this is also reflected by the patients through their positive feedback. And so it is not surprising when the 53-year-old doctor states: “In my practice, the focus is on people and humanity and I am lucky that my vocation has become my profession”.

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