Stefan Koslowski


    here are hotels where guests feel
    that this is a very special place
    as soon as they enter.

The KPM Hotel & Residences in Berlin is such a location, because here modern architecture is combined with tradition. The building has an avant-garde touch and has already been awarded architectural prizes. Right next to it, the traditional ensemble of buildings of the legendary Königliche PorzellanManufaktur Berlin is situated. The KPM Hotel combines a maximum of comfort and cosiness with a clear, individual design handwriting and thus forms a special retreat with contemporary flair with dedicated service.

This service concept is particularly important to hotel director Tobias Berghäuser, because the demands of his hotel guests are high. Particularly individual wishes and requests have to be fulfilled, because despite all aesthetics, the guest is of course the centre of attention. He is very pleased that this concept works in front of and behind the reception counter, and he notes that the KPM Hotel is ranked first out of more than 600 hotels in Berlin on the TripAdvisor rating portal. A great success that the hotel has achieved only three years after its opening in September 2019. 

The condition for this is that every employee has the same feeling of hospitality and being a host. The entire team pulls together so that everything feels authentic for the hotel guest. Today, a submissive service is no longer in keeping with the times. It is much more about perceiving the guest with his or her individual wishes as a human being Founding director Tobias Berghäuser shares the KPM passion of entrepreneur and owner Jörg Woltmann. The great name and the legendary claim to the highest quality and style-defining design are important to the experienced hotel business manager. The two men are united by the conviction that in the premium hotel industry with its discerning clientele, professional individual service is the measure of all things. Ultimately, it is the discerning guest that decides. The hotel‘s slogan „Far beyond standard“ fits perfectly. 

Tobias Berghäuser‘s enthusiasm for this special hotel project is immediately apparent. Initially, he came to the small hotel group of owner Jörg Woltmann through a business management consultancy mandate. 16 years ago, the private banker and businessman helped the luxury brand KPM, which was founded in 1763 as the Royal Porcelain Manufactory by the Prussian King Frederick II, to regain its splendour. „KPM Berlin is as much a part of my city as the Brandenburg Gate,“ Woltmann, a tradition-conscious Berliner, explained at the time. And so it is not surprising that the entrepreneurial passion is also reflected in the hotel. There is no corporate thinking with a radical shareholder value mentality here. It is not about saving as much as possible and getting the best possible revenue, but rather about paying attention to perfection and details. As a passionate entrepreneur, he is always enthusiastic about foresight. His goal is the big picture, not short-term success.

The fact that the time-honoured KPM brand and the modern hotel go well together is pleasing, but not self-evident. On closer inspection, however, one immediately recognises that many values are the same, for example the demand for the highest quality. On the one hand, the Königliche PorzellanManufaktur stands for having been influential in every design epoch of the last 260 years, but on the other hand, it is also a symbol of the highest craftsmanship. In the same way, the hotel sees its service as a craft, because every encounter with the guest is unique and not off-the-peg, Tobias Berghäuser emphasises. At the same time, the hotel is an extended communication opportunity for the KPM brand, because here daily life takes place on an individual, sophisticatedly designed basis in which shared values endure. 

So it is not surprising that Tobias Berghäuser is looking ahead optimistically and without fears for the future, despite generally difficult times. He is convinced that hotels with a strong, individual concept will have a future in the next few years. The hotel director compares the KPM Hotel to a blossom that is just beginning to bloom. And he is convinced that the hotel‘s reputation standing for its own service philosophy will continue to grow and act like a magnet. No wonder, because here tradition and modernity go together very well.

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